New Regatta to Boost BVI Real Estate Market

This week a new yacht racing event kicked off in the Caribbean's sailing mecca, the British Virgin Islands, adding an extra event to the BVI sailing calendar and boosting the appeal of the British Virgin Islands real estate market.

The inaugural Rolex Swan Cup - Caribbean which started on Monday 11th March 2013 continues until tomorrow 15th March 2013. Headquartered at the new Yacht Club Costa Smeralda Virgin Gorda, the regatta brings together Swan owners from around the world, with the islands of the BVIs providing a stunning backdrop to the race.

We just got back from a site visit to the British Virgin Islands, which took in Virgin Gorda, to view property for sale. While the real estate market in the BVI quietened down somewhat during the global economic reset, it is picking up once again. There is renewed interest from buyers in investing in BVI property and our recent visit re-confirmed to us why that is. In short, the British Virgin Islands are spectacularly beautiful. The beaches are divine, homes are built to a very high quality and the standard of living is very high. Just take a look at this video we took of these stunning homes sites for sale at a beachfront resort in Virgin Gorda:

For a direct link to view this video on Youtube, click here: British Virgin Islands Real Estate - Virgin Gorda

Visit 7th Heaven Properties for details of these homes sites for sale in Virgin Gorda.

Not only are the BVIs beautiful, but there are also no capital gains, value added, sales, inheritance or gift taxes and 0% income tax. Last but certainly not least, the BVIs is a paradise for yachties. As soon as you arrive in the British Virgin Islands it is immediately clear that this is a world class sailing destination. The Arrivals area of Tortola's Beef Island Airport looks out to a view of turquoise sea dotted with catamarans and yachts of all sizes, from relatively small boats to some of the world's largest largest and most sophisticated.

View of Necker Island, Prickly Pear Island and Leverick Bay from Virgin Gorda, BVI
View of Necker Island, Prickly Pear Island and Leverick Bay from Virgin Gorda, BVI

Many of the islands are so close to each other you feel that you could almost reach out and touch them and to get around the 50 islands and cays that make up the BVIs you need to travel by boat or ferry.

BVI ferry - The North Sound Express
BVI ferry - The North Sound Express

The Rolex Swan Cup - Caribbean is certainly not the only major sailing event in the BVIs. The more established BVI Spring Regatta kicks off on 25th March 2013 around Tortola and the BVI calendar is filled with events that draw international sailing enthusiasts. These events have reinforced the reputation of the British Virgin Islands as one of the world's top yachting destinations and boosted the appeal of the islands to home buyers who own their own yachts or love the yachting lifestyle.

For more info on the British Virgin Islands, visit BVI Tourism.

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