Chinese Investment in the Caribbean

As the People’s Republic emerges as an increasingly important source of finance for developing countries, Ambassador Dr Richard L Bernal, the Executive Director, Caribbean of the Inter-American Development Bank shines a light on Chinese investment in the Caribbean.

Chinese investment in the Caribbean
Chinese investment in the Caribbean

The growing economic involvement of China with the Caribbean countries has been primarily through development assistance in the form of loans financing construction projects. This form of engagement is common to China’s relations with developing countries. At the same time China has become a major source of foreign direct investment particularly in minerals, raw material and energy. Chinese foreign direct investment has been limited in the Caribbean because China has concentrated on financing public and private sector projects involving construction by Chinese firms.

China has been involved in financing private sector projects but has not taken equity in these projects. China’s Export-Import Bank of China is providing a 20 year, US $2.4 billion loan to finance a resort development in the Bahamas. Construction will be undertaken by China State Construction and Engineering Corporation. The Bank of China and the Foreign Trade Bank of China have also provided loan financing of $462 million to investors from Spain for the construction of a hotel in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. This has been accomplished although the Dominican Republic still recognizes Taiwan and does not have diplomatic relations with China.

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