St Vincent's Marlon Roudette GQ Man of the Month

In Issue 2 of The Caribbean Property Investor Magazine, we featured an interview with St Vincent's Marlon Roudette, singer-songwriter who has had Number 1 hits across Europe, including 8 weeks at Number 1 in Germany.

We were delighted to discover that Marlon, an exceptional talent from St Vincent & the Grenadines, was recently GQ Magazine's Man of the Month.

St Vincent & the Grenadines' Marlon Roudette
St Vincent & the Grenadines' Marlon Roudette

Here's a brief excerpt from our interview

“I grew up on the Leeward Coast of St Vincent in the Buccament Valley. The natural setting granted us a unique freedom as kids; from bathing under waterfalls to helping the fishermen with their nets in return for a fish or two!” says Marlon, who is looking forward to a solo career after seven years as lead singer of the band Mattafix. “I am based in London now but I try and get home at least once or twice a year. It has become a refuge for me away from the chaos of the metropolis."

"My family and I moved to St Vincent from London when I was 9 years old and arriving there from the bleak backdrop of the UK was a surreal experience. The first thing I was struck by were the colours. From the deep greens of the rain forest to the oranges and purples of a breathtaking sunset. I'd never seen anything like it."

My favourite spot on the island is my home. We have a small open plan purple heart house surrounded by all the fruit trees you could ever need. Its a very hard place to leave!"

This article continues in in Issue 2 of The Caribbean Property Investor Magazine.

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