Interior Design: Caribbean Property's Changing Face

A fresh take on interior design is changing the face of Caribbean property across the region.

The following is an excerpt of an article on Interior Design in the Caribbean from The Caribbean Property Investor Magazine, featuring designers from across the region who have worked in Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua and London:

Grand Designs

Interior design throughout the islands of the Caribbean is evolving. The dark colonial style is giving way to a lighter, more contemporary feel.

“On Jamaica, the majority of interior designers have been trained in the USA and the UK bringing together an eclectic mix of styles.  The combination of the islands beauty, its rich culture and the number of business people from abroad and professional Jamaicans who have decided to stay and make Jamaica their home has changed the face of interior design from a rustic Caribbean and Spanish style to a sleeker cool contemporary look” says British interior designer Cleon Roberts, who works on the island.

Interior Design by Cleon Roberts, Jamaica
Interior Design by Cleon Roberts, Jamaica

Moving away from the heavier, darker colonial style, today’s Caribbean designers seek to maximize the use of natural light and materials: “The Romanesque style using columns and lion sculptures, small windows, masses of dark wood and heavy drapes is diminishing. People are opening up their homes, building roof gardens and terraces, and using natural and recycled materials,” Cleon adds.

Interior Design by Archers Hall, Barbados
Interior Design by Archers Hall, Barbados

Terri Archer, Interior Designer and Director at Archers Hall, Barbados, agrees: “We also see a preference for design that leans towards a modern influence yet still maintains the tropical ease and way of life. People have steered away from the typical ‘plantation’ feel of monkeys and pineapples.”

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